Nico Brina

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2015: A raving success in Singapore

- Show at TV "The-5-Show-Singapore"

- Nico played "The Boogieman-Medley" (on May, 24th)

- Then he played at the botanic gardens

CD - Flight "6024" - Nomination for the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik"

- The CD "Flight 6024" has been nominated for the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik" (Drums: Tobias Schramm / Guitar: Pete Borel)

30 years live on stage

Here some facts of his carrier between 1984 until 2014:

- 12 CDs, one DVD and one LP

- More than 2000 concerts in 16 different countries

- Around 750'000 Km on the road

- Picture left: CD "That's My Way - 30 years the jubilee sessions"

Guinness Book of world records as fastest Boogie Woogie Player

- In 1996 Nico Brina came into the "Guinness Book of World records" with the fastest Boogie Woogie "Nico's High Speed Boogie"

- His left hand played 608 beats in one minute

- Since then, the press call him "The King of Boogie"

Swiss Show-Prize "Prix Walo"

- 1995 he won the Swiss Show-Price "Prix Walo" (special act)

- On the TV-Gala-Show he played his own song "Boogie Woogie Therapy"